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Andrew Duffy

Well Diaspora, it’s typical of the organisation you refuse to admit you are a member of to object to something before even seeing it. I’m also sure you have familiarised yourself with the area as much as you did with Sligo before trampling Dunlop and Murray’s building there.

If you had familiarised youself with the Heuston area any time in the last few months you’d have realised that there are in fact three Luas tracks and platforms outside the station, specifically so short workings can be run. You should also familiarise yourself with the passenger capacity of the LUAS, which can support trams run at three minute intervals at least before dismissing it. Maybe you should also examine the 15 or so Dublin Bus routes passing by, or the work, currently well under way, to quadruple the mainline track to the western suburbs. Or have a look at the Park tunnel and the Midland Line, both recently relaid and resignalled to the highest standard for imminent use for passenger services to the DART and Belfast lines.

I challenge you to find an area in the entire country better served by existing and under construction (not just proposed) public transport than the Heuston area. However, I do encourage you to cite lack of public transport in your objection to Dublin City Council, as it will make your appeal look all the more nonsensical.

Oh, what particular 42 storey building is your favourite?

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