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you don’t know the name of the group do u?
and indeed the mistakes of the past are ensuring that it’s like running into a brick wall to try and convince them about the value of apartments but it may be worth it in the long run. and unfortunately the devoloper was a major contributor to that as the architect was sindlined and just got paid to sign off..if he didn’t someone else would!!! dog eat dog world. but i agree it could have been designed better so not all blame can be deflected but there wasn’t as many restrictions so crap design was easier to get passed. that aside just a trip to other countries would help any of the doubters. i suggest holland… they might also try the local herbs and come back with totally different views. 🙂
oh! this city wasn’t the city planned for mayo..the one with the religious name?

i must say there are some good examples of apartments going up around the place due to the influx of new blood to architecture and the revialtisation of the older stock.

are there “boundaries” to this linear city. i mean to say ..take a line about a mile from the main highway and define that as a boundary. and would there be a case for it to be the length of say dub to gal. if so there would need to be more than 1 airport and would u suggest having an airport for cargo and another for people. in ur disseration did u comment on any of the above and did u make any decisiion as to what format u favoured?

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