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As I say Fin,

Being a consultant to An Taisce does not mean that you don’t look at the bottom line.

As for the West it needs growth, anyone who ignores that is a Gobshite

I lost the web link but a group based in Galway city have developed a blueprint for a new city.

It looked good on an initial examination and it could work, I feel.

Realistically apartment living could be given a decent shot, as with land prices lower, plot ratios of 3:1 could be used with site coverage of 0.5:1 giving decent recreational space.

The development of sub standard apartments in Dublin in the early 1990’s was and continues to be a major stumbling block to perception.

Who could be expected to raise a family in some of those boxes. Any architect who signed their name to some of this stuff should be stripped of their letters.

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