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sea is being outdated now anyway. it is being marginilised to be a secondry form of transport so wouldn’t worry about that too much. yea. of course broadband(mind u i have it and to be honest it’s not that hot) but the infrastructure would have to be top notch. not only the initial main highway but secondry highways as it would encourage other cities of similiar form and there for links by road would be necessary.
it would be a new city but i don’t beieve it would irradicate the edge city as there would always be creeping on to the countryside surronding unless strict laws were made but also the advent of apartment living and the abolishing of this crazy 5 storey rule that for some reason seems to apply to most towns and cities around the country. mind you for a new city a whole new set of rules would have to be arranged so that would bypass that. it’s a form that would need serious consideration for modern ireland to service these gateway hubs the gov devised. and would allow for development of nearly every area of country…very interesting indeed. and by the way cheers for the website link..lots of interesting articles to get through

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