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Andrew Duffy

It will make Dublin look more like a European capital – not a reason in itself to push a head with a project. While I think it’s essential to extend the Green Line to meet the Red Line, (on O’Connell Street would be nice), the other link in this seems odd – there is a bridge due for construction this year linking Cardiff Lane to the other side of the river, specifically designed for light rail and road traffic, yet this plan proposes another bridge, so close to the east link that to allow a ship through would require both to be opened at once, cutting off all access between the two sides of the docks?
My preference is for the Interconnector and Dawson St., etc., tram line to be built first, then tripling/quadrupling and resignalling (no particular preference for electrification, but it’s nice) of the Northern and Kildare Lines. When that’s done, we could look at either building a new line to the Airport and Swords, either from the Northern line, or from the Maynooth line, which would serve Ballymun as well. If the Maynooth line is chosen, we could eventually extend it through Broadstone, tunnel to Ranelagh, relay the Harcourt St. line and have Seamus’ Metro. I’ve no attachment to a 5’3″ gauge, btw, but in that case there’d be no choice.

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