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niall murphy

Rory W… My point was based on peak times. You dont seem too knowledgable on the subject even though you’re a commuter. I’m also a commuter and by just picking a random station on the DART on the irish rail website I found that there are 18 trains from Killester to Connolly between 7:08am and 10:12am.

This amounts to 6trains per hour in this direction. this is a frequency average of 1 every ten minutes.

Now the LUAS advertisement boards state there will be a tram every 5mins at peak time.This means there will be 12 trams per hour. Where you got your 3min frequency I dont know, but its wishful thinking

Now with simple maths this gives the Luas a frequency of twice that of the DART.

Now even going by your assumption that a 6 carriage DART carries 800 people that gives

800×6 = 4800 for the DART over this specific period of time

250×12 = 3000 for the Luas over the same time period.

Also if some people at irish rail got the finger out and introduced some sort of clockface timetable for the DART you could have better service if additional rolling stock was made available.

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