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Rory W

On the above argument

Basicly you cant run a dart or metro onstreet can you?

Yes you can – as a Luas, trams seem to work elsewhere in the world

The Luas is a joke as far as im concerned, with a capacity not even worth talking of.

The capacity issue is one that has been bandied around by the road lobby obviously it is only going to serve a small amount of the population as it only runs through a certain catchment area i.e. you are not going to drive from Blanchardstown to use it. If there was a Luas in Blanchardstown you may use it and not the car.

intergration is key

Yes it is – but may I remind you that it was the FF Minister Mary O’Rourke who decided the lines would not meet

Another thing is WS Atkins an irish firm?

No – international

get consultants and firms from the continent in to do the job, that actually have experience and know what their talking about.

see above.

If there was a coherant plan from the government eg DTO report the consultants could react suitably to it – but with the dithering by the central government we have got what we voted in.

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