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Another point, i think i read that McCreevie said the line would be unviable, i.e that from the airport to the city centre. It might be at present, i really doubt it though, but by the time it gets built Dublin airport will and has to have another terminal plus pier D etc. The airport is handling over a million extra passengers a year as it is, imagine what it will handle when the other facilities open! Not just that but imagine the amount of development in a reasonable proximity to the line if it were to be built. They really are short sighted here. Build the bloody thing, the only thing i think about Fianna Fail is that they are the only ones in Gov. with the balls to do anything big and drastic.
If you asked the other parties what they intended to do regarding public transport, theyd probably say run more buses, get more people to walk and cycle etc. A fantastically cheap, conservative and ineffective option i think youll agree.

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