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niall murphy

Are you mad. It is essential that public transport lines link in a city. The idea of such a system is that people can travel easily around a city. Imagine being on the metro in Paris, then realising it was a stand alone line and you’d a ten minute walk before you can get your connection. It’s totally absurd.

I mean say somebody out shopping for the day as an example. They should be able to get on at Jervis Station, Get a connection to metro at o’connell street and then continue their shopping trip at the new Dundrum Centre.

As rightly pointed out above the metro shouldn’t terminate at Stephens Green. It should go the extra 2km to Ranelagh and connect with what is now luas line B. Perhaps the existing street tram lines could link with future luas lines and provide local on street services.

Anyway as far as I’m aware luas line B from the canal onwards is practically metro standard anyway.

My main point is that it is essential that lines link in order to provide a citywide transport network

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