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If the original DTO plans were followed we wouldn’t be in this mess. Thier metro is simple and works.

Spencer Dock – Pearse- Stephens Green-
Christchurch- Heuston

The underground can go from Spencer dock to the airport.

To unlock massive funding move the Enterprise terminus from Connolly to Spencer Dock. Thus the metro connects Belfast with Cork via Heuston.

The Cork-Belfast rail link was the one link selected by the EU as one to be funded outside normal criteria along with 40 other European projects.

What I want to know is why the DTO original Routes were not followed?

I suspect it is because Mary O’Rourke was Spun by the Neo-Liberal ideology that mistakenly believes that the state has no function in providing public transport.

Despite the fact that our great American ‘freemarket’ model uses Transit widely and retains it under government control.

It is time that people woke up and saw that America is not a wasteland devoid of public sector innovation. The fact that it is concentrated in a small number of states is irrelevant for those except Mary O’Rourke who believes that Larry Hagman is a typical American and that Dallas is the model of good practice in urban planning.

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