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Well I have to agree with you there Stira… I guess I’m just tarring all the bloody politicians with the same brush (sometimes they deserve it!)… However just lookin back over old articles I guess I should give Brennan credit for actually questioning the insane sums that were being thrown around for the metro to begin with and forcing a rethink.
Personally I would have preferred a proper underground system for the city centre as well, however I wish they’d just have bitten the bullet and went for one or the other. The Luas/Metro interchanges will be a mess (Stephen’s Green bein the prime example) and its hard to see how they are going to connect Tara St. to the system without some major additional tunneling and track laying! All your other points are totally valid as well, and a National Infrastructure Board is the only way we can take these projects of supreme importance out of the hands of about 4 different organisations each with their own vested interests (CIE, NRA, etc…) and actually get them finished!

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