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Building work on the new stadium isn’t expected to begin until 2006, after the WC qualifiers are over. I suppose they’re hoping that the GAA will finally see sense by then and recognise that they can’t keep wasting an asset like Croke Park the way they’ve been doing and let FAI/IRFU rent it until Lansdowne is built.

I beginning to doubt that fast track legislation gets passed at all, which is a great shame. Apparently there’s a lot of opposition to it even from within the cabinet. I’ve read somewhere that Kapitan McDowell is dead set against it because he’s afraid they’ll fast track an incinerator in his constituency (or something like that).

I wonder could the Americans be persuaded to blast the PDs into space as part of their Mars exploration programme? McDowell could argue points of law without actually doing anything all he wants with the rocks up there.

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