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Well obviously the multi-purpose event centre is a crucial development factor – I am hoping to have a sort of ‘Report’ on the centre and the people behind it (in light of recent media flurry) for some time over the next 2 weeks – incl. Paul Montgomery’s ‘adventures’ at Black Ash and Horgan’s Quay, OCP’s proposal – and it’s on again/off again status (as well as the Mahon Point’s link to Mr. Montgomery), why another group has been actively concentrating on a prominent site within the vicinity of the docklands etc etc. There are also issues of Government support in the mix and the contents of the next Finance Bill publication – but the report will depend greatly on the co-operation of certain ‘sources’.

My response earlier to pier39 , was based on the projects that have been actively applied for. I’ll get back to this at a later stage – this evening probably.

Any opinions of the images of Montomery/Kenneally/Supple proposal for the Boreenmanna Road? (See link in my prev. post).

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