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@bunch wrote:

i really don’t understand people’s reactions to this building – is it because it is contemporary, striking, slightly different to nearby buildings – some comments have been a bit hysterical in my opinion – and when we have far worse new buildings being built everywhere in the city no-one seems to care for eg does anyone know the Bridgeholm (or something like that) apartment scheme being built above Commons Road – now thats bad – cheap looking early 1990’s tax incentive effect to the utmost.

yeh – that commons rd building ain’t fair pretty at all. yer entitled to your opinion like, but i still think the victoria cross student building is just boring. i though contemp. meant inspired and new. theres no definition to it at all like. but like i say everyones entitled to there opinion.

hey lex, fair job on the forum! what do you think are the 5 most importent projects in cork at the mo? the 1s in planning or not built yet.? got any pics?

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