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As lisam said, Pitwood Ltd are currently compiling the necessary Further Info requested by CCC.

Just on the Capitol Cineplex redevelopment by Mount Kennett Investments and Mr. Costello – it represents, undoubtedly, one of ugliest and laziest designs to have been proposed for Cork in many a year. It is nothing more that a zinc-cladded box, with more boxes on top and an unsightly railing. I have a couple of VIS images from a Grand Parade, Daunt Square and Washington Street persepctive – but it will be a while before I can post them. It is nothing more than a grey, dire brick with a glass frontage. Really ugly ugly stuff and completely undeserving of such an important and dramatic location. The set back upper levels actually add to the ugliness of the development rather than minimise impact. A poor effort by the developers and Sabine Wittman of The e-Project (

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