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@mickeydocs wrote:

Hi Lex… just wondered if you have any updates on Water St./Eglinton St?

Water Street saw its final submission date last Monday week – 12 submissions were received by CCC. Same number as the previous incarnation of the development. Not all however are objections. Of course An Taisce are in there also – but the general drift of the objections are height, over-development, devaluation of property etc. One submission is an indenticate of the submission handed in to CCC from the last Water Street submission (referencing the 400 apartments and all!) Goes to show you the level of attention people pay to projects like these before objecting. A farse! Early indications suggest planners are pleased with the changes but will undoubtedly still find a picking point.

Eglinton Street – may get a move back on track with the next 2 weeks. O’Flynn Construction (OFC) have held meetings with Joe Gavin (City Manager), the Director of Planning (Mr. O’D) and Senior Planner. The talks have apparently been constructive. Expect some alterations to be made concerning the prime disputing ground – basement car-parking.

@mickeydocs wrote:

Does anyone know the time frame for Jacob’s Mill? Are they still considering a food hall?
I had heard they were inviting people to approach them in relation to running food counters on site, if so does anyone have any contact details (more gastronomical than architectural of course).:)

This has been an ongoing source of confusion. Tom McCarthy had this placed earmarked for redevelopment with Joseph Lane and Sons Ltd as main contractors for late last year. Then there was a change of contractor to O’Flynn of Banteer (also working on Mr. McCarthy’s Kingsley Hotel extension) – with progress promised for early Jan 2005. Then Joe Gavin publicly announced that he’d received word scaffolding would be erected by mid to late Jan 2005. But besides a little movement within the Mill, nothing has happened properly yet. MOLA are architects for the project.

@mickeydocs wrote:

What’s your opinion on the refurbished courthouse… was it worth the incredibly long wait?

Over-run and over-priced I suppose – but then again Ascon had their work cut out for them too. I’m really just glad its done and in fairness, the Courthouse looks great. Especially by night.

@mickeydocs wrote:

Will the Mannix development on Washington Street be going ahead this year??

Currently, Mr. Mannix has seen his project brought to appeal. A decision is due for May. It would be a grossly unfair twist were the project, after so many changes and alterations to allay CCC concerns, to be refused on appeal. The street and site are in need of an improvement to fill that unsightly gap in the streetscape. The design is a departure yes, (Dermot Coveney & Associates of Monkstown), but it’s an interesting departure. I’m glad the unsightly box-like, roof-top apartments were removed – there is a great sense of coherency to the street scape now. But the appeal may all change that! 🙁 Whether or not this project gets the go-ahead will all depend on the appeal outcome.

@mickeydocs wrote:

What is being developed on the site of Doyles on Grand Parade?

JD Hotels (of the East Douglas Village Hotel) are redeveloping a new Manhattan-style bar/restaurant and ancilllary offices over 4-floors at this location. Wilson Architecture are responsible for the design. It was also offer a new ‘Gateway’ entrance to Tobin Lane.

I see Viva Cork are awaiting a decision on whether U2 will or will not play Cork in August? If they are, front row centre!!!

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