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@rodger wrote:

Could not agree more, this development will get the creative juices of desiginers going not to mention fueling the egos of our developers this is progress

Regarding what? Eglinton Street? :confused:

@charlie’s angel wrote:

The apartment scheme in Glanmire was contemporary, looked good on paper, sure the detail would be lost in construction and would end up lookIng like concrete bunker knowing frinailla’s history
The scheme was too dense on such a prominent and steep site.

😮 I think you may have the 2 schemes mixed-up, Frinailla were refused a scheme in the Church Hill/Poulacarry area of Glanmire for 105 houses and 16 service sites (121) over approx. 31 acres – low density scheme. The apartment scheme is at Springmount, across the road from Hazelwood on a steep sloping, narrow site. That application is due on the 18th April 2005. Details and images of that, the Springmount project, can be found at -> The jury is still out on the design.

Also, check out the dedicated page for Frinailla’s Dennehy’s Cross development at -> The design isn’t public yet, but it’s an interesting aerial shot. Grianbru can be seen in the image – the site of Walsh Consulting’s 22-apartment development, in appeal.

@Pana01 wrote:

And (here I go again), will they ever remove that vile Portakabin??

Funny you should mention that – though it seems to be your pet hate (understatement???) :p You may remember me posting that CIE and CCC were intending to install a new permanent facility along Patrick’s Street – befitting of the new streetscape – well I also posted there was some sort of hold-up, turns out that hold-up was in part due to the proposal to bring back the old green-hut (once located beside Father Matthew Statue) – I can’t remember what they called that, was it the Station Master’s Hut or something? I haven’t really being keeping an eye on the whole scenario so I don’t know how firm a proposal that is. But it is widely agreed, except probably CIE, that the Portacabin has to go.

@Pana01 wrote:

They also hightlighted the ‘farce’ of the roadworks between Grand Parade and Pana – will it ever be sorted?

McGinty & O’Shea are the main contractors on that project. Yes it is on-going or rather, long-going, but I believe it is related to structural issues regarding the old city sewers/waterways. E.G. Pettit & Co. are the Structural Engineers involved. But whether or not this helps you sigh relief, here’s a image of what Grand Parade should eventually look like when all the works are complete (below). Once again, Beth Gali Studio are responsible for the streets new design.

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