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Those anyone know who owns The Loft- stretching from North Main Street to Coal Quay? What with the impending development in the area, this site must be in line for development in the near future.

In the same area, there is an old warehouse on Grattan Street (opposite Henry Grattan Pub) which would look great converted to entertainment or office use.

Someone sent me a great image of a fantastic proposed development in the City yesterday. I’ll try to put it on here today or tomorrow. Its really really exciting!!

1. The Loft was owned by P&A Herilhy (owners also of Square Deal), but was sold last year for a handsome sum to a private developer. Plans are being formulated but I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to say what…yet.

2. That warehouse was due to be developed by NorthGate Investments but it never took off. It’s a great premises I agree. The problem with the location however in terms of entertainment usage is the proximity to nearby residencies – believe you me, I checked this one out and the possibilities for entertainment are slim at best, but who knows, planners work in mysterious ways.

3. RM , would be interested to see those images – what location?

opus thanks for the link – still finding it tough to minimise the images sufficiently to upload. I’ve some excellent and exclusive images of the revised Water Street development but I fear you may never get to see them if I can’t compress them enough. Oh dear!

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