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@Pana01 wrote:

Walking down Patrick St on Saturday, I saw that the martyr of a portakabin is still alive and kicking!
Two CIE men were laughing and making cups of tea inside.
A few weeks ago, ‘Inside Cork’ had a cover story on this ‘eyesore’, and how nobody from CIE was available for comment. I feel like dismantling it myself – any volunteers, let me know.

Lex – I thought it was agreed that this thing was to go recently??

Rant over……..

It is due to be remove – CCC and CIE reached an agreement to construct a new Controllers Office along Patrick’s Street in keeping with the street’s renewal – but CIE are fidgeting AGAIN. It’s just more of the same old crap from a small-minded State dinosaur. I’m not quite sure on the details of the problems though.

@Ah-a wrote:

Hey, anyone able to tell me what the full renovations to the county hall consist of??

Follow this link ->

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