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@Radioactiveman wrote:

I think Emmet place is being overlooked in this discussion. There are a number of buildings I would not like to see changed on this side of the development. eg AA building. Even the front portion of the Examiner Office is an excellent example of 19th Century architecture and should be maintained, I hope we don’t see a blanket demolition job here.

The AA Building is a stone little office to the west of the Insurances House, the 2 buildings are commonly mistaken for one another. If it’s the house you’re referring to, I agree, it is out and out one of my favourite buildings not only in Emmet Place, but all of Cork. It’s a simple, delicate elegance in a crowd of mix-and-match – its also listed, and thankfully, is not part of the OCP Academy Street plans, so it’s safe. Will try and get an image up of that house if I can, but if anyone has one in the meantime, throw it up on this thread – I’d love to see it shared with the members of this forum.

Also, the Irish Examiner facades on Academy Street are indeed unique designs in their own right. I don’t particularly like them, but I recognise how they may be so appealing. I think you’ll be relatively satisfied with the Academy Street development plans outcome in this respect.

@charlie’s angel wrote:

Who designed the large apartment scheme for Frinailla in Dennehy’s Cross? I hear the planners love it??????? The planners are promoting it as a prototype for Cork?

Is that a question or a statement? :confused: Where did you hear that comment anyway? I don’t know how planners have reacted to it (officially) – but pre-planning talks seem to be progressive. But then again, so were OFC’s talks on Eglinton Street.


🙂 RKD McCarthy Lynch are currently working on a revision of Paul Kenny’s 50 Grand Parade site. A new application is being touted for the near future. Architects and engineers have been revising elements to the plan ahead of the application. The Kenny Group are expected to issue a statement soon. I’ll have more specific details on that later. It will be interesting 😉 (!!!)

🙂 You’ll remember way back, I outlined a proposal for the Capitol Cineplex on Grand Parade as proposed by a certain developer which saw the premises being revised for retail usage – well, I can tell you, in addition to Ward Anderson’s own talks, third-party talks have also been on-going with planners. Ward Anderson have been maintaining dialogue with a development group – the process has been such that preliminary designs have even been assessed (preliminary as in pre-planning). The design promoted by the group moves to take full advantage of the highly prominent position occupied by the Capitol. It will provide, apparently ‘a landmark’ (what building isn’t these days?! ;)) structure which will compliment the powerful angle of vision afforded by the length of Washington Street. Oh yes, and in line with my earlier posts, the project will still be predominantly retail.

🙂 Planning is being sought for a 10m euro leisure development along the Link Road in Ballincollig by Wythall Ltd. The project will consist of a full leisure centre, 10-lane bowling alley, 8 five-aside pitches, a gym, treatment rooms, creche, restaurant, cafe and associated facilities.

Also I was looking through plans of Aldi Stores Developments Ltd project proposed for the Heiton Buckley facility on Tory Top Road – I was never a big fan of Carew Kelly Architects, but it’s such a neat little development. I really like it – even the detail applied to the retail units and curves of the duplex blocks, all add to the project really well. I’m surprised at the thought put into it. CCC extended the due date on the project last year until the 20th of June 2005 ( a whopping extension by any accounts). I think the proposal will add very nicely to the area.

The details of which are: demolition of the existing structures on site & the construction of a mixed use devt. scheme with a total of 2083m2 gross retail floor space, a creche 201m2, play area & 48 no duplex apts comprising: A single storey Aldi Discount Foodstore, max. height 7.25m with a gross floor area of 1560m2, net retail floor area 1075m2;2 no split level 2 storey blocks, approx 9.5m in height comprising a total of 7 no retail units, 523m2 total floor area & a creche, 201m2 total floor area with a roof play area; The development also includes the provision of 148 no carpark spaces for the commercial element, a gable sign on the Aldi Store, a double sided pole mounted sign at the entrance to the car pk & the replacement of the existing entrance onto Tory Top Rd with a new vehicular entrance; 48 no 2 bedroom duplex units arranged in 6 no 4 storey blocks, with a height of 11.03m & 61 no. res. carpk spaces;all associated landscaping & site dev. works .

Today I received a copy of some CG Images of the 100,000sq ft, 8-storey office development on Centre Park Road by McCarthy Developments Ltd. The project is designed by Oisin Creagh of Murray O’Laoire and adjoins Centre Park House (6-storeys) already in ownership of the developers (their current HQ). The design is inoffensive and is perhaps nothing unique in structure, but it would add positivelly to the area for sure. The project blends a nice mix of materials from Portuguese Limestone Cladding to Zinc elements etc.

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