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@Diaspora wrote:

Lexington I have now traced your image the correct title of which is ‘Third Party only Appeals as a % of Appeals Formally Decided’ at no stage whatsoever is reference made to An Taisce. The image is found at

Hey, indeed you’re right – and I will rectify that as soon as I can. All my image files are divided among folders with some particular vague headings e.g. abata.jpg (=An Bord Pleanala An Taisce Appeals = abata.jpg) Clearly this is incorrect, and when I locate the correct graph I will post it. My first guess was that the Third Party Appeals graph was then instead the An Taisce graph, however this isn’t the case it would seem. So give me a few days and I’ll get back to you on it. The graph I have was requested by me from the Bord specifically, it took a few weeks to come back – my assumption was that such statistics would be included in the report (hence why I say in my post, I assume its in the report and on website), clearly that’s not so. It’s much more general. However I do know, that the 90% figure is inaccurate from the report I received from ABP. In fact, as it is now 2005, I should only guess that they will have 2004 figures to hand, I’ll issue a fresh request when I can and post the results when I receive them. Fair enough?

Hey when I make a mistake I’ll accept it, but when I’m right, I’ll do my best to prove it. I’m sure you’d do no less.

And of course I noted your post regarding 72% Appeal Rate for Cork, read beneath it. I don’t have any specific figures on Cork, but like I said, could well be true. It’s ridiculous in Cork. I must get onto ABP too to see if I can get some new figures on that as well…when in Rome…

@Diaspora wrote:

Finally I feel that it is important for you to acknowledge the article immediately preceding this post regarding the 19 sites closed by the HSA. And you might as well have a comment on the Good Shepard’s convent while your at it.


I almost always reply to posts directed at me. There are more on this forum than I. I’m just a cog in this wheel like yourself. 😉

So D2 or D9???

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