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@mickeydocs wrote:

any word from O’flynns ahead of the decision… are they prepared for delays?

Nervously optimistic – I think that best describes the outlook. They have a good idea of how it’s going to go, after all they did conduct extensive pre-planning talks with the City Council. Nonetheless, planner Evelyn Mitchell, could go either way on this one – I’m not sure exactly how it will go down myself. OFC are preparing already to appeal (given their own assumptions of what could be expected) – but nonetheless, a certain director says they’ll remain optimistic until they have official confirmation.

This is the one project I feel could go either way, to be honest, I’m nervous myself – I just hope it gets the greenlight.

Also, Howard Holdings are expecting a decision tomorrow on their Lavitts Quay hotel development – it may go to Further Info, but Michael Lynch (the planner involved) since he’s joined Navigation House, has shown a fairly ‘no messing’ policy based on his previous assessments of other projects. So far, they seem fair, but we’ll see. Tomorrow will be a big test.

I’m awaiting a call from John Sisk & Sons Ltd regarding their 6-storey, 93-bedroom hotel and conference development along the Airport Road – which was due on Saturday. No word yet though. I’ll let you know when I do.

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