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I’d an interesting post there earlier today, but as soon as I’d complete it and went to post it properly, the website seemed to freeze and I lost the text – by that stage, I had neither the time nor energy to re-type it, but it regarded the planning decisions due on a number of significant projects around Cork.

:rolleyes: Pitwood Ltd, the Monaghan-based company, behind the proposed attractive 80,000sq ft, 5-storey over dual basement, 121-bedroom, 4-star hotel at the Corbett Bros. owned site at Beasely Street and Parnell Place – has had Further Information requested of it. A decision was due today. The hotel seeks to tastefully incorporated the protected facades at 17 & 18 Parnell Place as part of the development. The site badly needs to be redeveloped and the facades are in dire need of refurbishment as time is taking its toll on them in a bad way. The project, which incorporates a luxury underground spa and basement car-parking, is a solid one and I should sincerely hope it gets the greenlight once Further Info has been received. Previous planning applications for the site have included a planned office development and some residential units – which was to be developed by Corbett Bros.

– šŸ™‚ meanwhile, Corbett Bros. have been granted an extension onto their 60,000sq ft office development and 38 unit residential development at Copley Street – currently under advanced construction by Coffey Construction, designed by PRC Architects. The extension, designed by James Leahy & Associates, will see additional ground floor commercial space, extended basement and 8-student accommodation units over 4-floors overhead.

šŸ˜® Andrew O’Connor’s plans for the derelict warehouse at the southwest corner of the Wellington Road and York Street junction have been refused. The developer sought to develop 24 apartments/duplexes and some office facilities around a landscaped courtyard in a building between 3 to 6 storeys high, which would be spread over a basement car-park along the steeply inclined site. I believe that this site is in major need of redevelopment, but perhaps not in this incarnation. Still… Design was by MV Cullinan of Dublin.

A number of developments are due planning decisions in the coming days – among them…

– John Sisk & Sons Ltd’s 101-room, 6-storey hotel and conference facility on their site, adjacent their Cork HQ, along the Airport Road.

– Ellesmere Properties (Howard Holdings) 7-storey, 125-bedroom hotel and retail development along Lavitts Quay, designed by RORSA. Although I suspect that this will have Further Information requested of it.

– Charles & Helen McCarthy’s truly horrid 7-storey, 64-bedroom hotel for Crosses Green, designed by Derek Tynan & Associates. This project is undoubtedly the single WORST project planned for Cork in many years. For all the concern about OCP’s Jurys redevelopment harming St. Fin Barre’s views, there should have been more focus on this abomination. I do not believe height is an issue, frankly, if the 7-storeys were well designed it would be no problem, but this project is nothing more than a 7-storey black wall – nothing more. No distinguishing features, curves, glass features – nothing! Approaching Crosses Green and St. Fin Barre’s east to west along Sullivans Quay and South Gate Bridge, one is greeted with a towering black blank wall sticking out like a sore thumb in a predominantly low-rise area. It looks like Victoria Mills only black and uglier. I should hope that this project is refused in its current form, although I encourage redevelopment of this area of Crosses Green. However, I would be a lot more confident of refusal, did I not have awareness of the staff graffiti along the walls of Navigation House, which crudely spray-painted letters spell “Cork City Council + Derek Tynan 4 eva!” šŸ˜‰ Anyway, decision date is scheduled for the 23rd Feb 2005 – I should expect either Further Info, or perhaps refusal??? Please?

– Eglinton Street’s decision is due 25th Feb 2005 – this is the big one! And perhaps the most important for Cork and OFC in the long-run. Fingers most sincerely crossed!!!

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