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J&P closed a deal with OCP whereby they would be offered a new car-showroom site at Mahon Point (ready to commence construction) in part-exchange for their premises at Emmet Place. The Grand Circle, Taboo Bar (across Bowling Green Street) and the current The Jean Scene store on Patrick’s Street (also across BGS) – are also included in the properties possessed by OCP for the Academy Street development block. As far as my understanding goes, Faulkner’s Lane will be built over (OCP and Heron Property did something similar when they were building Merchants Quay) – though as I’ve said, I have not seen the final drawings – BGS may see arch-links over the street with street level access by escalators and stairs, as well as some ground floor/street retail units. The plus on all this is that these lanes that link Patrick’s Street with Drawbridge Street and Emmet Place will at long last be deservedly revamped. It always strikes me how such lanes in the proximity which they are to Cork’s main street are shamefully delapidated and neglected. I’ve always wished to see them perhaps serve a pedestrianised cafe and boutique zones – not dis-similar to French Church Street and Carey’s Lane nearby. Or better still, like the revamped boutique lanes off Grant Avenue in San Francisco.

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