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@Pug wrote:

sorry to doubt you lex, but i thought it was the muskerry and dunmahon station(douglas) that were being sold. :confused:

Well I was out at the 2 statios today w/ another gentlemen – and unless the big for sale signs are wrong, you could be right!!! ]Re. The Academy Street/Patrick Street shopping centre proposed by O’Callaghan. Is he going to knock the St. Patrick Street facade of the block? I fear another Merchants Quay is on the way.[/QUOTE]

The design thankfully isn’t another Merchants Quay – it reflects a trend OCP have been reflecting more and more so recently, i.e. quality design (re: 21 Lavitts Quay, Jurys Redevelopment and Blackrock Road etc) – can’t give architect details yet but the design team is of an international source. Initial drawings seem fairly positive – however a number of adjustments will yet be required in my opinion. I look forward to viewing the final design. An application is due this summer. As for the St. Patrick’s Street facade, I would be utterly adamant to see Le Cheateau in particular remains unaffected by the development as it is a vital and unquestionably important historical building with essential links to Cork’s history. From what I saw, it is protected, the former Ryan’s Pharmacy building facade was also retained. Another important structure is the building adjacent the AA Insurnace centre on Emmet Place – but as best I’m aware, it is one of the few buildings in the block unowned by OCP.

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