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In fairness to Kathleen Lynch et al, who i’ve dealt with once or twice, the first proposal for this site scared the crap out of local residents, Frinailla brought this trouble on themselves by pushing too hard. The residents are a hell of a lot more suspicious now.
And even you have to admit, that Frinailla’s first offer at this site was diabolical.
Lexington, since you seem to know a scary amount about the planning process, do you have any info on what the new Archives building in Blackpool will look like? I’ve tried CCC for info, to no avail. Can you help? Thanks, keep up the good work.

I appreciate concerns on the original proposal – I suppose my gripe is that many of these objections are lodged without reading the planning proposals (which are available for public viewing). It’s scary to see, and I have seen, people casually enter a planning office, call out a planning number and lodge an objection. Out of mere curiousity, I once approached a lady in Navigation House (who did similar to aforementioned) and asked her why she was objecting. When she explained to me, it was clear that she really only knew what had been written on the site notice. I requested the planning application and showed her through the EIS and VIS – she admitted she had been unaware of the development form but still wished to object because she though the project was too high (4-storeys) in an area averaging 4-storeys. Now granted concerns may be legitimate but I would ask persons to at the very least consult with the application before deciding to blindly object.

Frinailla have made a dramatic change to their project and pretty much done everything local residents and planners have asked of them in their new Ladyswell project. If you remember, Kathleen Lynch did state she would have favoured the original project or alternative if it were 4-storeys reduced – so here we are, 4-storeys reduced and more community provisions – and still, objections from KL. I dunno. 🙁

-> As for the new Archive Building in Blackpool, Des Berkley is the man behind the new building in Cork City Council. It is currently under construction on Great William O’Brien Street, designed by Des. As for images, the City Architect Department are looking into providing me with a few images sometime later this week. No promises as it depends on them to supply the drawings.

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