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I agree that it is unfortunate to see the loss of small local services – but this is not the fault of the type of development in the Victoria Cross/Dennehys Cross area – it is due to market forces, sustainability and people’s progression in life. Certainly objecting to these developments will not restore the loss of such amenity, if anything, such development will help restore through increased prospect of sustainability these provisions. Already, the granted proposal for Grianbru by Richard Walsh and Dick Kiely will provide a new retail and restaurant service for the area. Furthermore, the plans by Frinailla for their recently purchased Dennehys Cross Garage premises will I am told will aim to restore the lost facilities in some form as part of their large commercial and residential development. A new community store (with butcher!) and possible new post office facility will be included in plans – it will depend. CAHRA and the objecting residents intend to bring the new apartment development by Walsh & Kiely to ABP.

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