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Is Le Chateau listed? Have they agreed to sell? If so do you think the license will be retained by OCP.The aa building is definitely listed (beautiful building imo).

Agreed – it’s one of my favourite buildings in the city centre, it has a stand alone classic grace – as far as I’m aware it’s not in the deal.

Le Cheateau has not as yet been sold to OCP but a leasehold deal of sorts is being put in place, I’m not clear on it. The building is vitally significant from a historical perspective – in the drawings I saw, the building was not incorporated, and if it was, it was done so very discreetly with the St. Patrick’s Street facade (and those all important steps!) remaining untouched.

😉 Mahon Point, as predicted, was utterly packed today, all day, for its opening. Although a number of stores, such as Zara, Next, Lacoste, River Island and Morgan de Toi, were not open (all scheduled to open this w/e or next week), the place was buzzing. I have to say, though it remains far from the most attractive architectural feat on the outside, it has been finely tailored on the inside. The finishing standard is of a high material and architectural standard. The building as a whole looks far far better in the finished flesh.

– On that note, though it was confirmed talks with Clear Channel had been in motion, very secretly, a report was released stating that the existing proposal would not be financially viable. This report was released officially on Monday 31st, but I am informed it was compiled over 7 to 8 months ago – it would seem, as posted long long ago, to be the first formal step down of OCP regarding the development of the proposed Convention Centre. It is thought, that OCP will sell this area of land off to McCarthy Developments (co-purchasers of the Mahon Point lands, and developers of neigbouring Jacob’s Island) and possibly recoup the majority of the financial sum due to CCC, as written in the sale agreement regarding the MP lands. McCarthy would seek to development extended units and facilities for it huge residential development on this land (but this is still all pie in the sky, I was just a suggestion made by a prominent insider). Now with MP flying, the retail park and multiplex opening soon, construction beginning on the Webprint Concepts facility (by PJ Hegarty & Sons Ltd) nearby and Jurys cleared by CCC in planning, OCP have a lot less to worry about – and thus a lot less to uphold. OCP will hope to see ABP pass Jurys now in its appeal, and any whinging by CCC regarding the covention centre will be swiftly silenced when OCP lodge their Academy Street Development application this summer. CCC are itching to see this development get on the road – and reinvigorate the city centre’s shopping dominance (along w/ the Cornmarket Street and Grand Parade plans).

– OCP’s other project of 75 residential units along the Old Blackrock Road (designed by Dennehy + Dennehy, constructed by John Paul Construction) is progressing well. I managed to sneak in a quick tour of the site this evening, so far, its looking pretty nice.

😉 Projects due for application or development in Cork for 2005 (of what I can tell you) –

– Jurys Hotel Redevelopment + 300 apartments (ABP pending; fingers crossed!)
– revised Water Street Development application (for this March/April)
– Eglinton Street (planning pending – MAJOR fingers crossed!)
– Cornmarket Street Rockfell Investments project (construction due mid-to-late Feb – mostly excavation work)
– Pitwood Ltd’s 121-bedroom Parnell Place Hotel (planning pending)
– Grand Parade Plaza (summer 2005 construction start date due)
– 2nd Phase Victoria Mills (primary construction due mid-to-late Feb)
– Victoria Station development (late-Feb/early March construction)
– 98 units at Farranlea Road by O’Sheas Builders Ltd (appeal pending)
– 125 bedroom, 7 storey hotel for Lavitts Quay by Howard Holdings (planning pending)
– 64-bedroom 7-storey hotel for Crosses Green (planning pending)
– Capitol Cineplex announcement (due for Spring/Summer 2005 – but not definte)
– Kyrls Quay redevelopment plan (May 2005)
– WebWorks Albert House development by CCC and Howard Holdings (Spring 2005 construction due)
– Albert Quay announcement (possible Autumn 2005)
– Academy Street Development application by OCP (Summer 2005)
– Kennedy Quay area announcement (Spring 2005 – possibly later)
– Cork School of Music (who knows?!)

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