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😎 Jurys Hotel on the Western Road has given itself a closing date of Feb 28th 2005. Up to 110 jobs at the hotel will be lost or relocated as a result – however, with the opening of the Clarion on Lapps Quay, Radisson (Park Manor) in Little Island, Kingsley Hotel extension and up to 11 other hotel projects in and around Cork city under development – many of these staff have found or will find similar employment relatively easily. Early signs for this have been indicated by recruitment agencies Le Creme and Adecco.

– 😡 In related news, an appeal with ABP has been lodged by the residents of Sundays Well against O’Callaghan Properties redevelopment of the Jurys Hotel site which was, after substantial revision, granted planning by CCC. The residents argue that the development will ruin their vista of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral and destroy their children’s heritage – in protest, the residents have put their children’s allowances toward the finance of the appeal. This despite the numerous revisions enacted by O’Callaghan Propoerties to rectify the original objection concerns. To be honest with you, if the residents are able to fling their children’s allowances around like that so casually – their allowance should perhaps be reviewed. That money is provided for concerned support of children in their upbringing – uses such as clothing, food, schoolbooks etc etc should in my own view receive priority, or if not needed now, saved for a later stage when such requirements become more fiscally stressful. This appeal has a lot more to do w/ egos and ‘rigid mindsets than children’s heritage. What about their future? Appeals such as this, should be financed personally or collectively, not using a children’s allowance – and worse, blatantly promoting the fact. I will actively seek appropiate V.I.S. images from a Sunday’s Well persepctive to show how the development and development revisions have a minimal effect on any disruption to the St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral vista. I treasure this view too, as I see it every morning when I travel into the city, it’s important to me also and I am wholly satisfied with the development skyline.
Work was due to commence on the project in March, this may be delayed further now until late-June(?). It’s a foolish move by the Sunday’s Well residents who now expose themselves to the possibility of the whole original project layout being greenlit – and not the revisions that were granted them by the developers to ease their concerns (case in pt. Kenny Group’s original 2000 South Main Street application). If so, nearby St. Al’s Girl School could stand to lose the benefits it gained in the revisions. It’s a selfish tactic (although I believe OCP will keep the revisions made to address the school’s concerns in any event – it remains the principle rather than the point).

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