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Yeah burge_eye – I’ve just seen that -> 7 additional objections have been accepted dated for November 2004. Initially 21 objections were lodged. However, because O’Callaghan Properties lodged Significant Further Information (w/ design alterations) – a period of submission acceptance was open in light of this change. This is perfectly acceptable. Only 7 objections were lodged against this, as oppose to the original 21. That’s mixed news – as oppose to bad news.

Though I had my initial doubts too, the more I have read through the detail of this project since it was lodged, the greater favour I find with it. The least favourable aspect is the hotel design, but beyond this, I feel the loss of this project is to the detriment of Cork. There is a lot of small mindedness involved with some of these objections. It’s a pity.

I genuinely hope next Thursday finds favour with this troubled (planning wise) project – if it does, we’re almost certain to see ABP become involved. Shame.

-> the diff. w/ Eglinton Street is that CCC allowed objections to be validated passed the closing submission date. No just cause was cited. And the developer was given misinformation concerning this. It was very poorly managed by CCC. I only hope it is rectified – further to that, I hope such actions are acknowledged and recompensed come planning decision time.

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