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@Pug wrote:

any thoughts (ideas / speculation) as to who the developer is that is looking to buy Douglas Golf Club and put houses on it? There was rumours of a land swap deal for a course in Carrs Hill as well. any thoughts?

There are 2 names I’m aware of. In the Irish Examiner, there was a report today of a bidder willing to offer up to 110m euro for the course. I can’t say who that bidder is because frankly, I’m not aware of anyone offering that amount. Its a pretty dramatic offer. When I know, I’ll let you know.

@mickeydocs wrote:

what’s the building in front of the fire station?

I assume you mean the new City Hall extension???

@Pug wrote:

does anyone have an idea of the rental costs of retail space in Mahon Point?

Unit pending, rates were averaging in the mid-hundreds per sq m p.m.

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