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@sw101 wrote:


can you recommend somebody in the IAWS (development officer/designer/anyone really) who might be able to help me get survey drawings or other info on the R&H Hall silo on kennedy quay? i’m doing my thesis on redeveloping it as a design institute and any help would be appreciated.


I’ll look into it for you – I’ll try and have details for you tomorrow as I’ll be away for the rest of the week.

@phatman wrote:

So Lexington, Dunnes have won the bid for the centre? What a pity, was hoping marks & sparks would come good. That must be 9 or 10 stores they have in the city alone now, a bit excessive, eh? Could really do with some competition. Any other confirmed tenants?

It would seem that way – I can confirm that M&S were in talks with O’Flynn Construction – but it seems Dunnes put forward the best offer and that won the day. It’s a shame really – that’s 2 developments M&S seem to have lost out on (the other being Mahon Point – which Tesco ultimately took). I would like to see some diversity too – the city is saturated with Dunnes, which in my own personal opinion – offer little by way of individuality or speciality. They stock and provide the same old same old as everything like SuperValu, Tesco, Superquinn (who were interestingly also in talks with O’Flynn Construction about BTC) etc etc. At least M&S bring a little diversity. Their Irish stores are well recognised as being its most profitable. However, there is a mild rumour, M&S have not yet wholly withdrawn from talks, and may be contemplating a smaller unit for its Simply Food brand. We’ll have to wait and see.

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