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🙂 Johnson & Perrott Ltd have been granted planning for their 8m euro new dealership at Mahon Point. The development will house 3 J&P dealerships (Volvo, Honda & Opel) under the one roof of the SDA O’Flynn designed, 8,000sq ft building. The 10.29 metre high facility will not only house the dealerships, repair workshops and customer areas – but an internet cafe, kindergarten and well-being area. The development is part of a deal negotiated between J&P and O’Callaghan Properties – with the latter acquiring J&P’s existing showroom premises on Emmet Place. The city centre site will be incorporated into OCP’s plans for a 6-storey, 150m euro retail quarter and apartment development due for construction come December 2006.

😮 Coveney and Associates have submitted additional Significant Further Information to CCC w.r.t. John Mannix’s 6-storey retail, office and residential development at 40 – 42 Washington Street. A number of alterations have been made to the project incl. a reduction in the number of apartments, a reduced floor and layout alterations. CCC have req’d Further Info for the project twice – a decision date was due for Nov 18th this month, but will be significantly put back as a result of this move.

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