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Camus – this is a very serious issue as you are well aware. In the interest of clarity – the word ‘collapsed’ is not accurate I admit, and I wholly apologise for its use, as in actuality, fragments of the upper roof structure – which had been subject to dereliction, and aided by the memorable ill weather Cork experienced that tragic week – broke away and fell to street level. However, a young lady from the Blarney area was sadly DOA at the Mercy Hospital that night and her boyfriend was left without use of his lower limbs. It’s a very sensitive and very sad situation which I think is still present in the minds of many Cork persons. I personally knew those involved. I have no reports or inquiries into this particular tragedy at my immediate disposal (however, it can be sought and I have seen it – though admittedly, not in the complete detail I would usually assess such things, as it was in years before I became fully involved in the work I do now) – but I do not think the conclusions are deniable regardless. It is a legal issue that I believe has since been rectified. The remaining upper-floor structures of the building were renovated in the interests of public safety. So I apologise for use of the word ‘collapsed’. I am very aware of the public nature of this forum – incidents with TCH have highlighted this to me personally, so I am cautious about what I post w.r.t. accuracy. Any information that I do not have personal involvement in, or personal responsibility in retrieving myself (which is the vast majority), I receive from reputable or informed sources (which I also refer to by way of liability issues – something TCH tend not to do). I am fully aware of the responsibilities with which such statements are made – more aware than you may realise – and I always back up such statements were possible and when requested. If there is ever a scenario in which I cannot for whichever reasons may there-arise, I will always retract my statement and offer my apologises w/ an acknowledgement of my fault until I can wholly proof it otherwise. At this stage, I would then expect my accusors to accept their own misjudgements. Thank you for pointing this issue out Camus, you are correct that the mentioned building was indeed not the source of this tragedy – and it was further up the street. I would never consciously or purposely misinform members – so far, I can say with my hand on my heart, I never have.

Leesider – I may have a copy of the Irish Examiner lying about and I’ll try and get that image up for you – it’s a nice shot indeed.

Also, w.r.t. Carey’s Tool Hire – there is a myriad of rumours in circulation regarding their premises on Albert (Terence McSwiney) Quay. Subsequent to the purchase of the Sextant Bar, lands facing Albert Road and in light of the situation that arose involving O’Briens Office Supplies & Howard Holdings on Clontraf Street – Carey’s are said to be looking into drawing up plans for a substantial commercial and office complex/building on these lands. In light of this, it is believed they intend to relocate to a more accessible and suitable premises for further, future business growth and development. It remains most likely, they will sell (if the above rings true) their premises w/ FPP. Initial reports cite a 6-storey, contemporary structure fronting Albert Quay and Old Station Road, gradually stepping back to 4-storeys at Albert Road (in respect of nearby residential units). Watch this space!

phatman – although I am aware of the site in question, and the recent ownership issues surrounding it – I can’t say I read last Thurs week’s Irish Examiner concerning the site’s development. I know it is being assessed, but not aware of what exactly is being assessed. I would agree that it is ideal for a landmark office development – and, though small as it is, has beautiful potential. I’m now curious myself and will look into it come next week. I’ll let you know more if I can when info becomes available. Clearly, in order to max. such a small compact space, building up is the most sensible option. Though 9-storeys may be a little excessive – 7 perhaps given the height of nearby No.6 and City Quarter – would seem more ideal, but I suppose it all depends on the design as well.

-> Bowen Construction were contracted by O’Flynn Construction to develop No.6 Lapps Quay – the building is interesting in that it is more 2-buildings than 1 single building. The Oliver Plunkett Street elevation is being complete first structurally (this elevation steps back to 4 1/2 storeys, stepping to 6 at the Lapps Quay elevation.) This section will be complete as part of Phase 2 in construction to minimise disturbance to existing businesses in neighbouring No.5 Lapps Quay of which No.6 is a 60,000sq ft extension.

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