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I suppose what I was trying to edge there at the time – in the context of what we were talking about – was that the Capitol Cineplex stood to be substantially redeveloped as a commercial facility, without mentioning in black and white ‘The Capitol Cineplex’. Ward Anderson, as an opearting entity, has its most prominent premises in that of the Capitol. Without delving into extravagant explanation – I believe it was more a matter of wording by implication. I am aware of Tom Anderson’s own other properties around Cork – but considering the continued lease agreement with HMV, I didn’t believe this would be clear to persons reading this forum as the obvious development location given the associated details I provided attached to the development proposals.

Since then, the Capitol Cineplex management have announced at a public level, its intention to continue cinema operations for the foreseeable future, I am aware however of the deals and discussions that have taken place between Ward Anderson and developers – which from my information, suggests that development plans for the future have not been ruled out entirely.

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