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Just an image that may be of interested to some of you. The photo is looking west to east over the city centre of Cork with Cornmarket Street in the foreground, the northern channel of the Lee to the left and Patrick’s Street curving down the centre.

1. The RED outline represents the site of Rockfell Investments Cornmarket Street 6-storey department store and apartment development – recently granted f.p.p.

2. The TURQUOISE outline is of 21 Lavitts Quay office development – nearing completion.

3. East of this, in PURPLE, between 21 Lavitts Quay and the Opera House, is the site of the soon to be developed, Irish Examiner HQ Building (see images in previous post).

4. Crossing the river in LEMON, is the new Shandon Pedestrian Bridge.

5. the YELLOW outline shows the site of Hanranka Ltd/Carrolls Quay Investment Co.’s 85 unit 6-storey apartment development. In mid-construction.

6. WHITE outlines the OSB Camden Court apartment, theatre and super-pub development between 4 and 6 storeys – with extensive roof gardens and playgrounds. Phase 1 is nearing completion. Phase 2 is cited for development early next year. See images in a previous post.

7. The BROWN outline shows Hornibrook Builders Camden Quay apartment and retail development. Between 4 and 6 storeys with 58-apartments and underground car-parking. Nearing completion.

8. The GREEN line shows the site of the existing Dunnes Stores store on Patrick’s Street – the group’s original – which will soon see an application lodge for its redevelopment ~ doubling in-size with a number of ancillary retail units and cafes, at a cost of 30m euros.

9. The NAVY line is of the new extensively redeveloped AIB Retail Flagship for Cork. Construction has begun on this surprisingly large-scale development.

10. Finally the BLUE line, shows the city block housing the current Irish Examiner HQ as well as many other retail units and offices. All this is scheduled to be demolished – save Le Cheateau bar (being preserved for architectural and historical reasons) – and rebuilt in a massive 6-storey 150m euro retail precint and apartments by O’Callaghan Properties. Scheduled for construction by the Bowen Group in December 2006. An application will be lodged in mid to late 2005.

Of course there are many many more developments ongoing or beginning in the area of this image – but I just thought it may be an interesting perspective on some of the more notable projects.

I have an additional image showing sites primed for redevelopment, at preplanning or under negotiation in this area – but I’ll save that unless requested.

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