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For a Section 23 development of 12m euro, Frank Sheahan and Joe Carey, are aiming pretty high in the pricing arena for their new Blackpool Hewitt Mills development. The semi-circular, red-brick, 7-storey building designed by J.E. Keating & Associates – is selling 600sq ft 1-bedroom apartments starting at 325,000 euro. 2 bedroom 800sq ft apartments at 390,000 euro – and 3-bedroom, 1009sq ft apartments from 450,000 euros. There are 69 apartments as part of this first phase of development. 135 units will be built in total – the remainder in further blocks. In my own opinion, the development hardly or fairly reflects the asking price. If someone has a half-million to spend – it would be better spent on a selection of other Cork city developments of a better standard, location, space and at only half the price.

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