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Originally posted by d_d_dallas
R+H Hall silo is no Bolands Biscuit Mills. The redevelopment of that building should be the poster child for all future change of uses, but the building has to be suitable from day one. Bolands was phyiscally a much more beautiful structure which naturally lent itself to to coversion that we see today. R+H is more like the other Bolands (vacant) around the corner – grim grim grim.

I am not proposing that these silos be left but rather that they are re-modelled and reclad in the latest and most advanced materials. Given the strength of the frames it would even be possible to add some space above what alreay exists to make a more daring form.

I disagree Bolands mills was comparable before its remake, it was tired and shabby looking. The form of these buildings is quite attractive and with an imaginative cladding and some reworking of the form at the upper floors a World Class structure would emerge.

I also hotly dispute that IAWS or any of their subsidiaries would allow rather structures to descend into a poor condition. That company is possibly the best managed of all the PLCs in this Country.

It is also entirely inappropriate to compare these structures to some of the second generation crap that afflicts Central Cork with Eircom Building springing to mind. These Silos were once at the cutting edge a lot more than can be said for a lot of what followed and some buildings that are in the pipeline.

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