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Okay, maybe when I have more time and energy, I will state what is wrong with Diaspora’s claims. I have a report here from Arup conducted on behalf of a private client, and another report by RPS, stating the unsuitability of the Cork R&H Hall grain silos for a number of commercial uses other than cultural (like I mentioned, the BALTIC Centre in Newcastle, UK). ‘Bolands Mills Grain Silos’ – I do agree were well converted, and I’m glad that they were, but there is a matter here of condition. IAWS have been itching themselves to demolish the silos – irresponsibly you may say, they invested little in maintaining their structural quality. Silos are indeed very structurally diverse, and I agree with you on that, but the issue with R&H Hall is that issues of foundation and a number of alternate use schemes have eroded the structural quality beyond that of most other facilities in the country. The reports won’t upload onto this forum because of their size, I will try and load it onto a web-based serve if I can. However, I acknowledge, the report does mention – some commercial uses may be attained from the silos within a limited capacity but at an extensive cost – which may make such projects unviable – and leaving the silos in a continued state of disrepair. And even if this wasn’t the case, what’s wrong with respectful progress? I accept the romantic view of the silos – I often think it would feel weird looking down the quays and not seeing them there – but why should we block ourselves from new possibilities that may provide a greater city-scape for all concerned?

flysrmd11 – I do have images, but because they are of an odd format, I can’t upload them here. I’m trying to upload them to a web-based server, but I’m having trouble. I promise to let you know if I get them up – keep your eyes on this thread.


-> Rathmelton Investments (Joe McCarthy) have said they no longer plan to construct the student element of their Kingsley Hotel redevelopment (at least for now – which is odd because there is a 2006 S.50 deadline). However, construction is ongoing at the 82-bedroom extension on-site and 19-room apart-hotel.

-> At a seminar last night in Cork, John Bowen, MD of The Bowen Group said he views Cork as being an untold ground for development potential. He said that currently Cork may be playing catch-up, come 2005 – he expects investment in the city centre to double, even triple. In anticipation he mentioned that his company is carefully catering for this influx into the Cork market. He said, though Dublin’s size keeps it going – property values will force it to slow down in the coming years and it’s extreme centralised position within the country was unsustainable. Cork, he mentioned, provide the country’s only real good alternative in terms of balance. Although Cork Metropolitan area provided only one-fifth of Dublin’s market – with the ongoing and cont’d investment/development of the city – Cork could see exponential population and market growth over the next 10 years – proper infastructure and planning pending. Cork was only embarking on its journey of realisation, he said. He remarked that he was confident in Cork, developers are confident in Cork and this air will soon extend to those further afield interested in getting involved in Cork’s future.

– very encouraging opinion.

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