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For R&H Hall specifically, I can’t comment on exact plans – however, a IAWS (owners of R&H Hall Weybridge along Kennedy Quay) have held discussions with a series of developers in the past – and some negotiations are on-going. There were rumours of an apartment development replacing the grain silos as far back as 1996 – however this was contravene to city development plans that wish to focus commercial activities exclusively in this area. CCC and IAWS are both very anxious to make sure the standard of development is first-class – as it represents the real entrance to the docklands – and what develops here will set the tone for the remainder of future developments along these quays. A strong emphasis has been put on high-rise developments (office buildings, hotels, leisure & retail facilities etc) as the grain silos average 13 to 14 storeys as is – and high-rise is oddly very important to Cork’s city-scape from this perspective traditionally. One proposal that was made, but subsequently withdrawn, proposed a BALTIC Centre style cultural venue through silo restoration. This was deemed unviable – and the grain silos are structurally incapable of catering to modern standard commercial usage. Furthermore, why do we have to copy everywhere else? Shouldn’t Cork be doing something unique? – let others copy from us. Even high-rise office buildings – but with a special, unique edge is a better way to go. Imagination should be let run wild – positively – here. I’ll give you more details when I can.

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