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Lexington – I do not know what that woman is on – she breates developers greed and the Jury’s development in general. Yet this is the same person who complains that the new (awesomely stunning) gallery in UCC wasn’t well received locally.
I was on Lancaster Qy yesterday (down for de Jazz boy!) – there are essentially no views of Finbarres from there – that awful guest house next to Jurys totally blocks the view and two-storey Jury’s itself manages to block a good 4/5th’s as is. If people are going to argue about Jury’s, come up with a more relevant point. The impact on the local secondary school for example.

As for Victoria Cross – where exactly is the development proposed? Victoria cross isn’t exactly a leafy suburban area. Also the locals should talk to their councillors about the “high rises”. That area is specifically marked as suitable for tall buildings in current dev plan for the city.

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