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-> R&H Hall Grain Silos – were to be developed a number of years ago, as apartments (after their demolition). Plans were later abandoned for this. The Cork City Development Plan 2004 and Docklands Development Plan 2003/4 outline the predominantly commercial usage allocated for the southern docklands – with the northern docklands (Horgan’s Quay) zoned for residential (in the majority) with associated commercial facilities. IAWS, owners of R&H Hall, are actively negotiating development plans for this site.

-> An Post Sorting Office on Eglinton Street was purchased for 15m euro last Feb 2004 by O’Flynn Construction. They have lodged an application with CCC, for a mixed use development of 217 luxury apartments, offices, retail and leisure space – with a landmark 17-storey building in the south-western corner of the site. Images are posted in the previous page of this thread (as far as I remember).

-> Though a number of plans have been drawn up for Horgan’s Quay – by persons including Treasury Holdings and Manor Park Homes – CIE have been dragging their heels on the process. Among the plans, one option includes up to 5000 residential units, a landmark civil amenity plaza (town square), offices, commercial (retail) street-scape/centre and new railway station. A number of high-rise (between 17 – 20-storey) landmark buildings were planned for the site. I just this morning heard that a number of private stakeholders in the development plans are drawing up an ultimatum for CIE on the site – failing which, they will be opting to focus their interests elsewhere. I don’t know how solid this information is – but I’ll get back to you if it’s not reliable. It’s about time someone dug their heels in and gave CIE a slap on the face.

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