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Paul Clerkin

Probe into how historic city church faced demolition


A MAJOR investigation is underway in Cork into the partial demolition of an historic church associated with famous temperance campaigner Fr Mathew.

Horrified locals contacted Cork City Council yesterday when they realised a demolition crew had begun dismantling the famous city centre church on Blackmore Lane, off Fr Mathew Quay.

The church, which is understood to be almost 200 years old, had been in a near-derelict condition for some time.

However, locals were adamant that they received no notification of its impending demolition – and that the structure’s historic nature should have ensured its preservation.

Once alerted, the city council sent a planning enforcement inspector to the site – and he immediately ordered that all work be suspended.

An investigation is now underway and a special meeting to discuss the demolition work will take place today. It was unclear last night what preservation status, if any, was attached to the old church structure.

Arthur Leahy of the Quay Co-op said: “Surely it could have been saved or converted for some use”.

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