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Originally posted by Lorcan
the picture on that is so small its hard to see what the ‘proposal’ is like. what happenend to the millenium clock by the way?

It became a Millenium Bridge – which subsequently didn’t get constructed until this year!

Sometimes I wonder if the Irish Examiner is with it at all – a frontpage article in today’s paper (21st Oct 2004) announced that Rockfell Investments had received planning permission for a ‘100m euro redevelopment of the Guy & Co building on Cornmarket Street’. No-one seems to have told them permission was granted almost 3 weeks ago (as posted here). Hmmm. And apparently now the cost is 100m euro – as opposed to the 35 – 45m (not incl. excavational work and preliminary works) indicated by the developer themselves. That’s good reporting for ya! 🙂

Images of the new UCC Boole Library extension are on my hard-drive – I’ll try and have them up for you later today.

Finally – though this has NOTHING to do with architecture or developments – I’d just like to wish a successful & safe trip to all those walkers travelling from Ireland to Vietnam with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation today. The walkers are crossing the northern peaks of Vietnam to raise funds for the street children of Vietnam and Mongolia – as well as Ireland. Best of luck to all of them!;)

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