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Yes – development plans were in tow for Cinema World in Douglas, however, the plans have been put to one side. Cinema World will not be closing in the near future for the same reasons the Capitol Cineplex is not being redeveloped. Cinema numbers in Cork are up and ar record high-levels. Income at all of Cork’s cinemas has been substantially increased in the last few years – between 2003 and 2004 revenue increased by almost 48% (largely from increased lobby sales). The development plans for Cinema World originally did comprise of an expansion to the east (currently vacant greenfield) – it was their intention to add a further 6 screens and compete with the Omniplex at Mahon Point. These plans were abandoned fearing oversupply in the immediate area come 2005 – and subsequently, new plans were drawn up – of these I’m not clear, but I’ll look into it – however, an expansion may be yet again on the cards as a result of revised optimistic projections and rise in visit levels.


🙂 31m euro has been allocated to the the first phase of the long awaited Knocknaheeny redevelopment project. CCC have received funding (predominantly from public sources, with some private input) to begin the project – it will take a total of 7 to 9 years depending on funding – to complete. The development consists of a number of local authority housing being substantially renovated and extended, up to 501 new residential units, new community facilities, medical facilities, educational developments, shopping facilities and a remodelling of existing amenity and commercial areas.

For a more insightful visual of the plan for Knocknaheeny, visit the Urban Designers behind the project, Wain Morehead Architects, here ->

😡 ALSO, if you want to grind your teeth in absolute frustration – visit the following link to see what the Bus Station on Andersons Quay could have and should have been – before Bus Eireann (CIE) took their usual half-assed route and decided to provide a novelty paint-job to the existing station. ->

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