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Although much of the points above are entirely relevant and well-made -> I’m a little apprehensive on the formation of a ‘Cork vs Dublin’ attitude here. I think we need to adopt a proactive approach – we need to say yes, Cork has excellent potential, Cork has already many superb features – but we need to analyse the mistakes other cities have made at home and abroad and say, how do we avoid this in an effort to develop Cork as its own freestanding international centre of excellence? I admit Cork has been put at a disadvantage in many respects w.r.t. tax breaks and so forth – so our mission now should be to do something about it. I spend a lot of time going back and forth to Dublin, and it must be said that there can be a bit of a ‘there’s more than Dublin???’ attitude up sometimes – but proactive, well prepared, well supported and well presented cases speak louder than any other form of plea. Cork is my home, and I have a great confidence in the city – more than any other city in Ireland. Even standing outside Wilton Shopping Centre at 2am, with a near full car-park and Tesco full of shoppers – speaks volumes to me. It shows how affluent Cork has become and how positive the market here looks. Let’s get out there and so them all how its done!

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