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Lexington, there is alot of people who enjoy your posts so please continue to post.

Diaspora, thanks for representing An Taisce. I believe the frustrations with the planning system in Cork should not always stop at the feet of national government. Local government have made some truly tragic decisions.

The National government of which An Taisce is representative have not helped areas outside of Dublin to develop in competition with Dublin. The general tax amnesties granted to the IFSC should have been granted to all the major cities of Ireland. Cork airport should also have been allowed to develop Transatlantic routes at the same time Dublin Airport received this privilege.

The major problems that blight Dublin are a result of these unequivocal privileges. Dublin is a small European city trying hard to market itself as a global centre which it is not. Development has taken place irrespective of infrastructure and Dublin has changed from being an exciting and friendly city to a city with a population approaching the neurotic. Yesterday evening I had a cyclist shout profanities at me as I walked to my car with my four year old son for reasons only known to the cyclist. The feeling in the city is now one of frustration and many of my colleagues are now looking to relocate to either the provinces or other countries.

I really hope Cork does not make some of the mistakes Dublin has made. Lexington is absolutely right in objecting to the tellenganna development because it is not right for its location. Traffic in this area is already creating problems, especially because this area is close to Parc Ui Chaoimh and the Showgrounds and suffer occasional upsurges in traffic volumes.
This development would be ideal for the docklands area and as such the CCC should be encouraging developments such as this in leafy suburbs. Mahon Point is no more than two miles from this location and is already zoned for such developments. The NSC is a similar development yet it is located next to the South Link and traffic access isn’t an issue.

Anywho that’s my piece. This thread is not a Cork versus Dublin thread. It is a thread which is of great interest to those of us interested in seeing Cork city and Environs develop into an international class city. It is the opinion of the majority of the posters here that Cork has the hinterland, population base, intellectual structure and connections to be a truly successful international city, and the majority of us live away from the city and have high hopes of the City attracting the kind of employers that will allow us top pursue our career goals without having to live in Dublin or London.

We have created a Pharma centre of excellence, and now we should have our eyes on creating a centre of excellence for finance and ict.

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