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i have to agree with diaspora on the tellenganna issue.

The blackrock road is not a sleepy suburban avenue and an occasional (limited) small office development is not particularly harmful. there is a demand for urban offices outside the central island, not all office users want a south mall or lapps quay location, nor do they all want suburban ‘industrial’ locations. better here than little island or the airport i say.

in terms of traffic, the impact of the tellenganna development pales in comparison to the Lyonshall development in blackrock village.

in relation to visual impact, im unsure as the montage is just a single impression. i have no difficulty with placing a contemporary building in these grounds, as it doesnt represent a loss of green space per se, its not public land, and has no recreational value as an unused private garden space.

using the large gardens of major institutional or residential buildings is a dilemma. sometimes, however these happen to be in very central locations, and are hugely important urban land resources, also permitting limited development on these lands can be part of a trade off – this usually helps fund restoration/conservation of existing structures, and i think this is acceptable; and preferable to letting them rot away.

Diaspora, leaving aside the debate on this issue, re AT and Cork in general, i think it uneccesary that you undermine the nature of certain people’s contributions (ie tenant lists etc).

This thread is important, useful and valued by many, and contributions do not always relate directly to architecture or design, but is extremely informative for many (not all i appreciate). As someone with a keen interest in the City’s built environment and development scene, it happens to provide a rare insight into what is happening ‘down here’.

there is limited public discussion/debate on our built environment in this country, and in Cork, opportunities are very limited. Its good to have access to a source such as this and to be able to debate/discuss the city….at last.

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