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Please – if, as you point out above, you try to avoid this thread as much as possible ‘wading through Jack Fagan style tenant lists’ – then clearly, you should perhaps avoid it full-stop. This is a thread for those who have an interest in Cork developments – and for those who wish to input constructively about them, or express a view with relation to them. If you wish to knock the progress of Cork, because Dublin is so mighty, then your input is unappreciated by me for one.

This forum does not need the personal insults of a cat in a corner – you have plenty of other threads in which you can express such opinions. And if you must insult me, because that makes you feel better, do so – but take it elsewhere and make sure you are correctly informed, correctly justified and correctly aware of who I am and what it is I do before you choose to do so. I will no longer continue to engage in a tennis match of personal attacks, or attacks on my home city.

[And by ‘your true face shows’ – I wasn’t referring to your An Taisce leanings – I was referring to the nature of your attitudes and low-brow level of reply in order to justify your opinion. I have never insulted you directly in such a way – I find it disappointing you have felt this to be your only method of response.]

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