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Reviewed the plans for Rockfell’s Cornmarket Street project, and I must say, it’s looking very well.

Leesider – the row of houses at Carmelite Place (across the road from the former Greyhound Track) were due to be demolished a rebuilt in the form of 20 student apartments with basement car-parking under 2-storeys. Permission for this was refused. The developer is in negotiation with the nearby AIB in securing their premises to establish more space (with AIB leasing a new ground floor premises) for a new as yet undisclosed application.

sw101 – I don’t usually issue contact via this website. If there is an issue you wish to discuss in particular, could you brief me on this forum or outline what business you may be interested in and I’ll issue you a reply (through your messaging service perhaps???).

As for Diaspora – you make such relevant and good arguments when you do not resort to the tone and laughable assumptions that you do quite often – especially to me. I never attack you personally and I would assume that grown-ups on these forums could respect the opinions of others. And where they do not agree with such opinions – be tall enough to look beyond them.

The montage I issued was the only one I had available to me at the time. Understand that I may in this instance have a greater insight into this project than you at this particular time and don’t make foolish assumptions.

As for letting An Taisce CORCAIGH do my nimbly work for me – as you put it – I would never do such a thing, nor would I trust them to do so. I have always, at my own expense, issued an objection where I feel relevant. And observation where I also feel relevant. If I do not do it directly, I fund reports for others of a similar persuasion to do so.

As for Tellengana House – I do not live or commute in the area of its construction (another assumption) – but as a city citizen I believe I am entitled to have an opinion as to how it is developed. As is anyone else – where logic and reason are paramount in such processes.

Watergold was constructed on a brownfield site – Mahon Point in commercially zoned land. Amenity space was catered for in line with the development – sufficiently. I also have invested significantly in a number of amenity areas and greenfields for conservation purposes (particularly around the Metropolitan Green Belt) – so don’t start that route. It’s also the reason I so very much favour city centre and docklands developments – so as to continue such preservation work.

Also, I’ve never favoured Mahon Point architecturally. Please Diaspora, do your research before you feel so confident as to slam others – and when you’ve calmed down, I look forward to hearing your relevant insights (which are always appreciated as they offer an alternate perspective) once again. Pity.

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